The Advantage of the Volcanic Eruption agains Global Warming


Mount Merapi activity is back to normal. However, volcanic ash from the eruption of the mountain is still remaining in various regions around the slopes of Mount Merapi. Volcanic ash from Mount Merapi is harmful to human body, it is useful to the earth.

According to research, volcanic ash is causing global cooling, so useful for reducing global warming. Volcanic Ash Based on information reported by the Australian Centre “VOA”, the height of volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Merapi, reaching 55,000 feet. With that height and eruption is strong enough, push the volcanic ash into the stratosphere, the scene of the weather. Ash is then blocking the sun’s radiation into the atmosphere. Global cooling occurs when rainfall decreases and the ash tends to stick to the stratosphere.

Disaster consultant, Richard W. Gnagey revealed, the eruption of Mount Merapi could reduce global warming. It’s like happened when Mount Tambora erupted in West Nusa Tenggara in 1815. The eruption of Mount Tambora caused global cooling long enough, so that the temperature of the weather in some regions of the world is very cold.

According to Richard, the eruption of Mount Tambora was even able to lower the temperature to one degree Celsius weather. Richard added, the result of global warming that occurred during the last hundred years can be offset by a volcano erupting, provided that large eruptions and ash bursts vulkaniknya up to the stratosphere.

Richard W. Gnagey said, “As a result of global warming over the last hundred years can be offset by a one-time volcano eruption, eruptions from a large and up into the stratosphere.”

Meanwhile, although useful for reducing global warming, people should still be careful of the health effects of volcanic ash for the body. Indirect impacts from the eruption of Mount Merapi is raining ash. Ash from the eruption of Mount Merapi in nature such as silica, and when contaminating water would be very harmful to human health. Silica will damage the respiratory tract and make the affected eye becomes sore.

Volcanic ash is also harmful to plants. When exposed to the ash, the plants will die. From its chemical properties, this (volcanic ash) when exposed to vegetation will be dry. So dry, then die. Then if for example there are fruits that are ready to harvest will also fall.

Meanwhile, based on data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in October 2010, the earth’s temperature continues to experience above average compared to temperatures in the 20th century. Global cooling have occurred during the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991. This eruption caused global cooling is very extreme, because the height of ash by the eruption of the volcano reaching 78,740 feet or about 24 kilometers.

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